Damp Guard

Available in 5/20 Kg

Damp Guard is a single component, water based cold applied bitumen and polyurethane dispersion based waterproofing, specially designed for plinth beam, to form an excellent waterproofing membrane for capillary dampness. It is an Integral Recron Fibre Modified Waterproofing Coating.

  • Typical Uses
  • Specially recommended for plinth beam.

  • Advantages
    • Self Adhesive
    • Reinforced
    • Ease of application
    • 100% Waterproof
    • Excellent Adhesion
    • Highly elastic
    • Flexible.
  • Shelf life & Storage
    • Shelf life is 2 years on the date of manufacturing in unopened condition.
    • Store in a cool and dry place.
  • Coverage
  • 3 Coats of 30sqft. areas with 1 Kg.

  • Method of Application
    • Remove the dust, dirt, oil, grees, fungus etc. from the surface by using wire brush / Scrubbing.
    • Strictly clean every edges and corners of the surface.
    • Using a brush/roller apply with Banwet’s Damp Guard diluted with Water (1 part Damp Guard + 0.5 part water)
    • When the first coat is dried, evenly apply a second coat of non diluted Damp Guard with a brush/Roller.
    • After drying the second coat apply a third coat with a Brush/Roller.
    • Special care should be taken to provide proper sanding for final layers to build maximum adhesion with plastering.

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