NanoSeal WR-E

Available in 1/5 Kg.

NanoSeal WR-E is a single component, modified form of reactive monomeric organosilane based nano technology waterproof agent, that seals nanopores & nano – cracks. It is concentrated, highly penetrative & a strong water-repellent. It has an ability to penetrate up to 3-4 mm deep inside the substrate & become an integral part of the structure. NanoSeal WR-E is water dilutable, safe and easy to apply by roller, brush or spray.

  • Typical Uses
  • • Construction Materials

    • Fiber Cement Boards

    • Hydrophobic Impregnation

    • Impregnation of New and Existing Buildings

    • Primer

    • Primers for Paints & Coatings

  • Advantages
    • Reactive Monomeric Organosilane Technology
    • UV Resistant
    • Penetrative & Permanent
    • Easy to Apply
    • Breathable
    • Protects against Algae and Fungal Growth
    • Waterproofs Vertical and Horizontal Surfaces
    • Protects Substrate from Deterioration due to Weathering
    • Stable in storage even when diluted
    • Resistance to alkalis
  • Shelf life & Storage
    • Shelf life is 4 years on the date of manufacturing in unopened condition.
    • Store in a cool and dry place.
  • Method of Application
    • Mixing ratio: 1 kg. NanoSeal WR-E to upto 10 Ltr. Water.
    • The surface should be free from all dust, foriegn particles, loose materials or any deposits of contamination.
    • Apply 2 Coats of NanoSeal WR-E Using a brush, sprayer or roller in specified areas.
  • Coverage
    • 1 coat of 800-1000 sqft. with 10 Litre diluted NanoSeal WR-E
    • 2 coats of 400-600 sqft. with 10 Litre diluted NanoSeal WR-E

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