Available in 1/5/10/20/50 Kgs.

PlasterBind is a Water based, ready to use bonding agent. It is used for repairing spalled concrete floors, columns, beams & slabs, and waterproofing of toilets and small terraces. It bonds strongly to old and new concrete and plasters. When used as a concrete modifier, it reduces srinkage & cracking, and improves flexural strength and abrasion resistance.

  • Typical Uses
    • Best for construction joints.
    • Acts as best bonding agent for plastering in concrete area.
  • Advantages
  • • Fast setting & Perfect bonding
    • High penetration capacity resulting in best bonding of two surfaces.
    • Acts as Waterproofing substances in construction joints.

  • Shelf life & Storage
  • Shelf life is 2 years on the date of manufacturing in unopened condition. Store in a cool and dry place.

  • Method of Application
  • • Add half liter water and 1 kg cement to 1kg of PlasterBind
    • Blend it thoroughly.
    • Apply a thick layer of the mixture to the construction joints covering every holes and corners.

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