Available in 20 Kg

SURFIX BOND 355 is an advanced adhesive specifically engineered for both interior and exterior floor and wall tiling. It is highly effective for affixing various tile types including ceramic, vitreous/vitrified, semi-vitreous tile, glass mosaic, precast terrazzo, and natural stones on concrete and diverse substrates. Exceptionally suitable for wet areas such as swimming pools and bathrooms due to its superior underwater shear bond. It’s applicable for slurry bond and tile-on-tile applications. Key features include waterproofing, frost resistance, fiber reinforcement for added strength, high tensile and shear adhesion, slip resistance for large wall tiles, and user-friendly application. It offers extended open time, up to 12mm bed thickness for uneven surfaces

  • Typical Uses
    • For Exterior Er Interior wall and floor application
    • Fixing large format tiles/stones on cementitious floor screed
    • Suitable for swimming pool and water bodies
    • Can be used in areas subjected to heavy foot traffic
    • Also applicable for existing tiled surfaces.
  • Approximate Coverage
  • Thickness    Coverage
    3mm              65 Sqft.
    4mm              50 Sqft.
    5mm              40 Sqft.

    The coverage may vary depending on surface undulations

    Pot Life : Approx. 3 Hours

  • Advantages
    • Waterproof, with excellentwater and frost resistance, to prevent capillary dampness.
    • Fibre reinforced for high performance and strength, accompanied by excellent tensile ET shear adhesion.
    • Very high bond strength.
    • Good slip resistance required for fixing large formatwall tiles.
    • Easy mixing, smooth application, and good workability ensure a user-friendly experience.
    • Extended open time and a bed thickness of up to 12mm, suitable for tiling on uneven substrates
    • Excellent bond to various building materials, further enhancing its versatile applications.
    • Enhanced flexibility ET adhesion can be obtained with the addition of Banwet Latex additive.

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