Warm Proof

Available in 5/20/50/220 Kg

Warm Proof is a single component Heat Reflective UV resistant Coating. Its specially developed formula of Excellent Heat proofing coating for Roofing Sheets. The excellent UV resistance and temperature resistance helps to reduce the temperature inside the building up to 30%-40%*. A washable product with outstanding property of self priming.

  • Typical Uses
    • GI Sheets
    • Asbestos
    • Other Roof Sheets
  • Advantages
    • Excellent Adhesion
    • Self Priming
    • Washable Product
    • UV Resistant
    • Excellent Heat Proofing
    • Ready to Use product
  • Shelf life & Storage
    • Shelf life is 2 years on the date of manufacturing in unopened condition.
    • Store in a cool and dry place.
  • Properties
    • Ultraviolet Resistant : Nano UV Protectors provide excellent UV Protection & longer service life
    • Reduced Energy Costs : The reflection & insulation technology provides excellent thermal barrier, Up to 40% power saving can be noted in humidifcation and air-conditioning areas
    • Long-term Performance : The UV cross-linking polymer and UV protectors provide and excellent tough and durable protective memberance.
    • Application & Maintenance : Low cost – easy application – dustproof – waterproof – fungus & mold resistant. No recurring maintenance cost. Roof gets cleaned automatically in rain.
    • Stable Color : The polyurethane resins cross-link under UV exposure to lock in colour and look out dirt.
    • High Film Build : High Volume solids allow fast application to uniformly cover textured substrates.
  • Coverage
    • 5 Kg Bucket: 2 Coats of 150-200 sqft.
    • 20 Kg Bucket: 2 Coats of 600 – 800 sqft.
  • Application
  • • Remove the dust, dirt, oil, grees, fungus etc. from the surface, Strictly clean every edges and corners of the surface.
    • Using a brush/roller/sprayer apply with Banwet’s Warm Proof in the surface.
    • When the first coat is dried, evenly apply a second coat of Warm Proof with a brush/Roller/sprayer.

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