1x50 Meter

Fiberglass Mesh 45 GSM – 2.5 x 2.5 is coated with alkali-resistant liquid and possesses properties of high strength, good cohesion, and anti-alkali. Fiberglass mesh is the ideal constructions material for EIFS (exterior insulation and finish system, widely used for wall reinforcement, roof waterproof. It can also reinforce cement, plastic, plaster, marble, mosaic, etc.

  • Typical Uses
    • Waterproofing Work
    • Reinforcement for coating
    • Plaster work
    • POP Work
  • Advantages
  • • Easy To Handle And Use.
    • High Strength
    • Large Shock Resistance
    • Good Chemical Resistance
    • Low Water Absorption and High Heat Resistance.
    • Excellent Water Resistance
    • Alkali Resistance
    • Flexibility, Softness and Resistance to Aging

  • Coverage
  • 50 m2

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